Pairing: Samifer, established Destiel

Rating: M

Summary: College!AU: Sam recently left rehab for his drug issues with Ruby, and though he’s recovering, those issues still haven’t quite left him. And really, they might have just been there from the start. His decision to avoid relationships for now dissolves, though, when he meets Luc—it’s short for Lucifer. He keeps Sam grounded, but not necessarily in a healthy way.

“Did you follow me here?” he asked calmly once he’d approached and leaned against the bar, folding his arms. It was only then that Luc looked innocently up from his drink and then smirked.

“‘Course not, Sam,” he said in a tone that implied more of a You’ll never know. ”Though I might have if you’d actually told me you were going to be here.” He pulled his glass of what looked like whisky up to his lips and chuckled into it, and for those few seconds Sam was too jealous of how the edge of the glass got to be caressed by his lips like that to care that this was starting to register as a stalkerish situation.

“Just seems kind of weird that we’d both happen to be here on the same night.”


Sam fought tooth and nail to regain control of his body, but as strong as Sam was, Lucifer was stronger. “Stop struggling, Sammy. It hurts more when you struggle. From inside his body, Sam boiled with rage, and Lucifer smirked devilishly with Sam’s mouth. “Don’t like it when I call you that, do you? ‘S that petname reserved for your big brother? Sammy?” Sam rocked hard against the walls of imprisonment binding him inside his own body that was out of his control. Lucifer threw his head back and laughed. “Relax, Sam. I was only teasing.”

Just then, Dean came bursting into the room where Sam/Lucifer was, and Lucifer’s expression was one of annoyance, while Sam quivered with immense joy. “Oh? Sammy, what’s this?” Lucifer drawled, and Sam seemed to shrink inside of him. Perfect.

“Don’t call him that.” Dean seethed, standing across from the angel, unarmed, and full of rage. Things could not have gone more his way. “Why, Dean? You know, such an endearment should be shared, knowing how…um, happy it makes your brother.” His smile was sickening, and Dean froze, eyebrow raised.

“What are you talkin’ about, you son of a bitch?”

“As much as I agree with your observation, Dean, I must say I don’t appreciate the tone. I’m warning you, I could do things to your little sweetheart that will give you nightmares for aeons.”

Dean wrinkled his nose at ‘sweetheart,’ Sam just winced.

“Ah, Sammy, the feelings aren’t mutual, I see.” A heartbroken Sam pounded on Lucifer, begging him to stop. “I like the sound of that. Wanting my mercy, craving my cooperation. Sound familiar, Sam? That’s all I wanted from you, remember? Empathy. Support. It feels good, doesn’t it? I’ll stop, but only if you stay quiet.” Sam sobbed, and the tears leaked out of his physical eyes.

“Quit that crying, Sam. C’mon, take it like a man. I’ve agreed to take it easy on you, you should be thankful. Thank me, Sam.”


It was Dean who spoke, shaking with rage. “Sammy, don’t you dare. Don’t you ever thank this bas—” He was cut off by his own scream of pain, the sound cutting deeply through Sam.

“NOOOO!” Sam bellowed, out of his own body. Stunned, he flexed his fingers and cracked his neck. He grinned, “Luci, I’m hoooome.”

He ran to his brother, kneeling down to take him in his arms. “Dean? Dean are you okay?” He pressed his lips to Dean’s temple, sending a silent prayer to whoever would listen. Dean stirred, sending an electric jolt of excitemebt through Sam.

“Dean, oh thank God.”

“What was that?”

“I said, ‘Dean, oh—”

“No, Sam. What Lucifer wanted to tell me. What was that.”

Sam’s face flushed, and he hid his face in Dean’s shoulder, refusing to answer. Dean cupped Sam’s jaw in his hand and rubbed his thumb across his cheek, soothingly. Intimately. “You can tell me later.”

“I can feel him inside me, Dean.”

“Not for long, baby brother. Let’s get this son of a bitch out of you.”


for some reason i always imagine that for a date sometimes lucifer would take sam to a really high look-out point and they would just watch over humanity together and watch the lights illuminate the night sky and just enjoy being in each other’s presence with their hands entwined and their eyes meeting each other’s every so often because the moment is just theirs 




i hate hands


Sams just wont give up the booty


Sams just wont give up the booty


sam getting insecure and lucifer worshiping his body 



I need to stop the Samifer right now


I need to stop the Samifer right now

Just because I have different Ships in my armada, doesn’t mean we can’t sail together.


Stop the ship wars.